Update on Covid 19 situation in Manta Ecuador

Hello All, I own a condominium in Manta, but haven't returned since January 29, 2020 (Covid 19 Crisis).  I would like  an update on the Covid 19 situation in Manta and when air international/domestic travel will resume, thanks all-Kel

and when air international/domestic travel will resume, thank

no one knows

The Cuenca Highlife website is keeping tabs for English-language Expats .. on international travel and other aspects of covid in Ecuador and other South American countries.


In an article posted there today, it's reported that at least 12 Ecuadorian journalists "on the front lines" have died in Guayaquil during the pandemic.  Guayaquil is Ecuador's largest city and home to the major international airport* that had served travelers to Manta and much of Ecuador's coast.

The same article notes that more than 10,000 people died in the Guayaquil-area province, Guayas, last month (April 2020) -- more than four times the average number of deaths.  Many deaths cannot be directly traced to covid for reason(s) explained in the article.  The high number of deaths is seen as an indicator that official death counts due to covid in Ecuador may be far lower than the actual counts of covid deaths.


*The U.S. embassy in Quito says it is aware of some private flights available out of Guayaquil and Quito.  However, the embassy's website is discouraging air travel during the pandemic.

The pandemic has changed my plans. I got an email today from my visa facilitator asking for a photo. How do I tell her I'm not coming--ever?

You write, I am not coming, ever.

Emigrayo68 :

The pandemic has changed my plans. I got an email today from my visa facilitator asking for a photo. How do I tell her I'm not coming--ever?

You are a writer, so you could make up a fantastic story or you could just tell her the truth.  Since you will never communicate with her in the future why not just level with her and leave her with a good impression of you and Americans.  Good luck.

cccmedia, thank you, the time and effort put forth in your response was truly appreciated and very helpful, thanks again-Kel

Emigrayo68 thanks for your response. It's unfortunate that the covid crisis has contributed to your change of plans with respect to living in Ecuador, but I understand we all must do what is best for our personal situation. I wish you the best of luck in all future endeavors-Kel

User159 thanks for your response, stay safe-Kel

I fell deeply in love with Ecuador during my time there in 2019. Daily, back here in the U.S. I'm wondering what I'm still doing trying to make it here. I'm really torn. If the borders opened tomorrow and the planes started flying again... Covid, or no covid, I'd likely be looking for a ticket.

Dear Emigrayo,

Your health is of utmost importance. 

Even if the planes started flying between the U.S. and Ecuador tomorrow -- and they're not going to -- flying is still dangerous.  The recycling air on a flight available to civilian passengers could be moving covid particles around the cabin if one or more persons is positive for the virus.

Life in Ecuador during the pandemic is not necessarily better than in the USA -- and may be worse in some spots, healthwise.


Thanks, CCCMedia. I used to read the news until it got so awful and depressing. but now I need reminding--a sort of reality check, I think.

I asked about you not coming just to try and remember who you were. You were the one that was going to write your visa handler person?

Yes, Brad. My visa facilitator sent me an email asking for two photos to attach to the translated stuff to get the two year visa. So I sent them two snapshots taken with my PC camera of me with COVID-19 isolation hair and a seriously outgrown wooly booger beard. They will know I'm certifiable!  :o

So you have changed your mind again?

My mind...  My mind...  My mind... I lost that a few weeks ago along with any plans I had for the future. But thanks for asking.

I know you will make the right decision for your personal situation when you are ready

Yes. That's it. If planes were flying and the borders were open, then returning to Ecuador would really be an option. Right now, if I were in Ecuador, no traveling would be possible. When I was there last year I went everywhere on the bus, canton-to-canton, all over the country.

Likewise, here in the U.S. I travel by bus. I enjoy taking "a bus man's holiday" just getting on a bus I've never ridden before and going to the end of the route. But now they call that "joy riding" and say it isn't possible.

Oh well. We live in interesting times, for sure. God speed vaccination day!

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