RG OR RNE after naturalization?

Hello All,

Applied for naturalization and my name got published in DOU,
will i get RNe without validation or RG,

what is the next procedure now? any help would be helpful. thanks in advance..


I did this just in January.

If you can, print out a couple of copies of the Portaria from the Díario Oficial that documented your naturalization.  The various agencies will appreciate it, and will probably keep the copies.  They will absolutely need the number and date of the Portaria.

Your first stop is at the Identification Bureau of your local Civil Police to get your RG.  If you're in the city of  São Paulo, you should be able to do this at the Instituto de Identificação Ricardo Gumbleton Daunt at Avenida Cásper Líbero 370 , Centro.  You can call them at (11) 3311-3202 to ask if there's a location closer to your home.  If you're in one of the surrounding cities, contact the Civil Police.  The RG will probably take a week or two to be issued,  and you'll need to go back for it.

When you have your RG, you'll go to the Justiça Eleitoral to obtain your voter card, your Título de Eleitor.  You'll need this to get a passport, or in almost any other dealings with the Federal Government.  If you're of military age, Justiça Eleitoral will require a Comprovante de Quitação Militar, to prove that you've satisfied your military service requirement.  If they need it, they'll tell you where to go to get it; if they don't ask for it, you don't need it.  They'll also tell you where your polling place is; this is important information to remember, because voting is legally required in Brazil up to age 70.

Once you have those two documents, you're set.  You'll probably want to go to banks and other institutions that identify you by your RNE and change it to your RG, but you can do that at your leisure.

Congrat :thanks:
Just stay in touch with adthree and you will not go wrong

I´m still undecided on naturalization. People have been saying that the US embassy won´t help you if you encounter problems in Brazil since you are also a Brazilian citizen.

robal :

I´m still undecided on naturalization. People have been saying that the US embassy won´t help you if you encounter problems in Brazil since you are also a Brazilian citizen.

My understanding is that this is generally the case in a dual nationality situation, and is a legitimate concern.  Brazil makes so few demands on permanent resident foreigners that, unless for strong personal reasons, there's not much urgency for a citizen of a country with a strong passport to be naturalized here.

Hello my brother,
Hope you find my message in a good time, I have applied for my processo de naturalização on 7 November 2019 and the result was out indeferido on 15 Jan 2020 but they told me that I have rights to ( recurso). In this case I sent my documents for the second time via Acceso exterior on 25 of January 2020 but unfortunately till now I have'nt received any response from there side. 
My question regarding to delay in processing of recursal of my Naturalização ,is it because of Covid-19 pandemic?

Once I made email to them before covid-19  regarding to delay  of processing,  they told me your process in ( recursal).

Thanks in advance.
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Your application was rejected for reasons that was explained to you for sure. And your appeal included those corrections? If yes, the naturalization process takes about a year
and COVID-19 for sure adds more backlog to the process.


I am an Irish citizen and have lived in Brazil for 45 years. Some years ago, I made enquiries about naturalisation. As I had married and had children here, I was entitled to the express process, which only required presentation of 13 documents!

As I don't intend in the future to spend more than two years outside Brazil, I decided to forgo naturalisation. I am somewhat alergic to burrocracy and it would only bring me more headaches and the obligation to vote for one of the fine people who stand for public office. No thank you! And now my RNE is permanent and I no longer have to renew it.

Since naturalization is the topic, let me cite some pros and cons of being naturalized. Brazil recognizes dual citizenship without renouncing your current one.


1. Naturalization entitles you to a Brazilian passport where you can travel to 146 countries and territories without visa including the Schengen area, Europe.

2. Being a naturalized Brazilian citizen makes you eligible to work civil service (concursados) with higher salaries than the public sector with attractive benefits.

3. Naturalized citizens have also access to govt social programs aside from the benefit of not renewing continuously your visa as a permanent resident (for people less than 60 yrs of age).

4. Migration to member countries of Mercosul like Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay etc is suddenly facilitated after being naturalized.


1. If you´re less than 70 yrs of age, voting is now mandatory. If you´re traveling in or outside Brazil, you have to justify why you´re not able to vote. If in Brazil appropriate agencies should be sought to file the form and if overseas, a consulate or embassy.

2. If you´re less than 45 yrs of age, military service is now also mandatory. Women are not required during peacetime.

3. Since you´re now also a Brazilian citizen, your own consulate or embassy might not be willing to help out or represent you in terms of legal troubles especially if you committed a crime of some sort. And have you ever thought of your own consulate turning a blind eye of your possible prisoner swap due to the crowded prison cells, poor prisoner food and high murder rate?


Addendum to the pros above:

1. If an American or British citizen or any country allied to these citizens travel to any country in the Middle East, they should use the Brazilian passport for obvious safety reasons!

2. You can now buy larger parcels of land and can even help out with cheaper prices
(not Gringo price) with your Brazilian RG and a more transparent deal, evading scams...

3. Being naturalized can help you with their citizen´s or courts´ bias.

4. You are now more peaceful as Brazilians won´t be parading you around anymore - saying to everyone you are his American friend.

5. You cease to be attractive for obtaining personal loans!

And for another con:

1. You lose appeal to the opposite sex - being a local with the RG ... Estrangeiro com aparência de muito de dinheiro é muito melhor! :D  :lol:


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