Exporting cars

Would it be wise to buy a new car and bring it to Brazil for my upcoming move from the United States permanently?

Probably not:  it will be expensive, the paperwork will  be horrendous, the taxes can be out of sight, and you'll wait a long time for it. 
To be sure, though, pass the question through your moving company to their Brazilian partners to get a definitive, authoritative answer from their Customs experts.

Agree with abthree. Was thinking of doing same but shipper out of Miami said he had issues with cars. They arrive in Santo port and held until taxes (60%) and proper BR documents are approved which can be months.
Kind of glad I did not. Roads not the best, parts for cars built outside BR hard to get, and annual taxes high.
Any damage when shipping have to find a great shop to repair. Make and model built in US or CA may take ordering parts from US or EU. That takes 90 days, plus taxes again.
What type are you looking for?
Ford is looking at leaving BR. Curitiba has many factories. Japanese new cars are sold but stock parts not always available.
Any high end cars/truck can be targets.
Search makes in BR and you will see prices.
Big cities have BMW, Lexus type dealers, but better have secure garage.

It´s always better to buy your car here. Some models of Mercedes, BMW, Audi are made here. Volkswagen is common and so with Fiat.Lots of models on Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki are also made in Brazil. There are also Hyundai, and Chinese cars not to mention GM, Ford and Chrysler. Fits every budget that you can imagine.


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