Question about traveling to Brazil right now

Hello all,

I'm new to the forums but I have a question. I have a child with a Brazilian and the baby is about 6 months. It was abrupt but I'm happy now that I have a child with her. I was planning to visit my son back in March but now they're saying that foreigners aren't allowed to come. I'm from the US. I read the declaration and it stated that foreigners who were immediate family, and it specifically stated father, son, etc. were allowed in the exception and allowed to visit. The site doesn't explain what to present as proof. I am not sure when all this will end and I've already tested negative for COVID-19 as I had a test already. I just want to know based on what is on the declaration what exact proof would I need to bring?

The declaration is here … -254282950 and under exceptions allowed to still visit under V it states:

V - estrangeiro:

a) cônjuge, companheiro, filho, pai ou curador de brasileiro;

Which translates to:

V - foreigner:
a) spouse, partner, son, father or curator of a Brazilian;

But did not state what proof anywhere in the document you must bring if any to prove this. Any advice would help.

I would presume you´not married to her or have a stable union. Then bring your son´s birth certificate showing you as the father on it... And also bring the stated requirements by the Brazilian authorities
for family members...


That's the issue I wasn't there when he was born hence I was coming to go and get myself added to the birth certificate and I came back to get the necessary documents (background check, Brazil Embassy in my home country to  endorse my birth certificate, etc.) and we were supposed to get married. Its a long and complicated process to marry in Brazil. I guess without that stuff I'll have to wait till this is over. Man that really hurts but I understand.

It's unfortunate that your partner didn't list you on the birth certificate when your child was born.  She can go to the cartório and inquire about issuing an amended birth certificate with your name as the father.   Otherwise, you'll have to wait.

Understood, I'll wait it out.

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