Guidance on Employment

Hi, I am currently working on Employment Pass in Singapore. My contract period is completed with the current company and no extension. I have recently accepted another short term contract opportunity. My EP is approved and I have to join in next few days. I have now received a permanent offer which is far better than current opportunity. Now in this situation I can ask the agency who applied for my EP to withdraw the application or I can join and submit my resignation. But the new employer has to apply for my EP and get it approved. Which will be a better decision so that my EP application with the perm employer has the chances of getting approved.

My suggestion to you would be , join the company A first and get the pass card issued ASAP coz then only company B can apply EP for you. Once the Company B's EP gets approved u can submit ur resignation then to join company B which  gave u a perm role.

Very few work passes are approved at the moment.
So whatever you do, always have in mind a Plan B for a rejection!

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