Pharmacist Looking for Job

Dear All,
I am a pharmacist from India,Looking to Migrate to Denmark.Any expat who has migrated if can share the experience will be helpful.Also if they can share the salary and Job scenario will be of great help.
Thanks in advance

Hi Zamirsp4,

Welcome to :)

Thank you for your introduction.

Is there any reason why you wish to work in Denmark?

While waiting for the members to advise you, i invite you to go  through the articles in the Denmark expat guide, it can help you in your move.

I also invite you to post a job ad in the jobs in Jobs in Denmark section, it is free of charge. :)


Priscilla team

Hi Zamirsp4,

Here are some links  which may answer your questions. … acy-staff/ … O11,19.htm


Denmark for two reasons
1.Because  country has scope for professional development as i have seen the reviews
2.chances of long term settlement

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