Why I want to move to the Phillipines

Bah Humbug

The rhetoric means little but perhaps some effort or an opinion especially from negativity could help instead of quips.

I moved to the Philippines for many reasons, a partner, a decent family, a cheaper place to live, a constant climate, great food,,,,,,,, when you find it and the ability to live my life how I want to live it without commendation from my peers in a "supposed" first world country that harbours red necks that appear to voice their opinion and stir the pot, one only needs to look at current world news.

Whats your excuse for living here or deciding to live in a third world country?

Cheers, Steve.

thank to the person who realised I was providing some reality. It was meant as the truth, and yes, can be perceived as negative......

it was direct to the point for a reason. if someone is going to move overseas they are going to face much more difficulties than a bit of "perceived' negativism.

this informal writing comes with years of experience. home base the Philippines, second residency hong kong/china  and 13 other country residencies moving around since the 1970's.

also, lets face it.. with COVID there will be more and more issues to face. And, since I have been involved in all the major disasters of the last 10 years and was in the country before and during C Aquino came in and Marcus left, and was one of the first three women in Subic after the military left, my experiences are real.......

Its really best , if a company is not relocating the person with benefits and help, to come for a long trip and go through the visa process ( which is frustrating to many and an annoying process) or pay the 50,000 dollars upfront for your PRA and just move. Does the person even know that it is 50K investment to secure PRA?

steve, that message was meant for you to say thanks ...

Terrytheaidworker :

steve, that message was meant for you to say thanks ...

Thanks for the reply but I personally think that given your initial response/s and the current indifferences one would hope that you can/offer justifications for your statements. 38 years in the Philippines? No, I was all over the world, you stated this, in less fortunate countries, even while here in PH. my base. I am sure you were shielded as opposed the members such as myself that have bummed around here for the last 8 or 9 years both working and retiring with a partner or single.

I worked here twice as a technician in the film industry and we were all wrapped up in cotton wool, the reality, the people, the culture only comes when you step outside the protective bubble of a billion dollar company and mingle with the people and culture, different it is but admirable overall compared to other cultures. The winner here is me, mistakes yes many but getting fewer thanks to the better half of 8 years.

I wonder the negativity and resistance of a new member asking for help and supplied info from the old guard on this site, whether right or wrong surely the OP will make his own unbiased judgements and sift through the rubbish.

Mayhap your input would be better qualified with an introduction and affiliation with the Philippines?

Cheers, Steve.

Philippines is a great place to live! I came here following a Filipina! Great experience! Having said that Thailand is by far a better choice! Growl about that Humbuggers!

My life as a women first took me to Asia in the 1970's alone when few women or men ventured outside of the USA.

I did not hold expat jobs. I went into teaching, public health and the humanitarian field.  And, I have the credentials and academics needed to work professionally.

My first base was Taiwan , then the Philippines, and through Asia on assignments with base of 38 years in the region with my residences remaining in Philippines and Hong Kong.

I know what it is like to both reside and live in the far flung locations during emergencies and disasters, in civil wars, in places few ever go.  Like  Samar and Negros Oriental, and Tawi Tawi 40 years ago. And, I have had to set up 'alone' housing and had to find security not always aided by any foreign company.

That said, I rose through the ranks to work for some established businesses in the Philippines and travelled for years advising with multi-laterals consulting. My knowledge is NOT and I say NOT as a woman guarded by a expat husband but my knowledge and understanding gained on my own when most women did not risk ( and should I say most expat men too) were not brave enough to do anything but travel and leave and go home.

I planned, researched, and stayed before entering Asia.   And, for that reason, I am 100% sure that any person who wants to move abroad needs to research, lay out questions for good and difficult responses, and travel to the place they believe they want to go to knowing more than if it is 'cheap to live' -------research  before moving.

I have seen my share of people with drinking and drug related problems, bad marriages and divorces, suicides and murders, jailed by police for petty crimes or no crimes------expats unhappy, not settled who did not culturally adjust for two reasons---- either they were trying to leave something behind that they emotionally had not come to except ( only to find out the problem travels with them)  or they do not have the skills to survive in an environment unlike their industrialized home country.

A man or a woman who wants to travel and move abroad... I say Yes, do it.. but only after that person really spends some time working through the first steps of assimilation and starts out confident that he or she has done his research beyond talking to people on forums.

I have directly been hired to counsel those interested both on their own and for company's that are hiring them to move abroad.  ( My credentials are stellar and I am blessed with skills which helped me engage and move between the poorest of people and most vulnerable and the highest of classes and the highest educated--- any and all types of people). I have also been blessed to earn enough money to have more than one home base and to go on assignments across 15 countries and three regions of the world while coming back to the Philippines to my home base. But, this could only be accomplished by assimilating into the first countries and becoming grounded in Asian society.

So to anyone who wants to move around .. Go for it but do your homework ...
The world is tough, and anyone who survives and succeeds as an expat has to have tough skin.....


Indiana Jones of Expat.com  :D

Terrytheaidworker :

My life as a women first took me to Asia in the 1970's alone when few women or men ventured outside....The world is tough, and anyone who survives and succeeds as an expat has to have tough skin.....

1970's Asia...yes I'm fm one such SE asian country that has had one of the fastest economic growth/ development in history!....I will still choose to retire in the philippines, as home cannot give me the same freedom/low cost environment as what I can get here.
I get my pension/'cpf' payout when i'm 65 & the monthly payout amount (taking inflation into account) will not allow me to live even a simple life without the need to go back to work...many of us will have to face reality sooner or later.
Sometimes I feel my home country appears more like a tourist destination to me than a place to live for an old retired senior like myself. (Yes I do have thick/tough skin!)
Progress does come with a price!

A good read :

https://www.google.com/amp/s/opinion.in … ppines/amp


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