200k Real estate = RNE?

A BR lawyer said that people that buy a 200,000 USD real estate can get an RNE?

Not an expert on this, but when I bought it did not get me a CRNM. I still had to go through the CRNM process.
There are special government requirements as to foreigners buying rural property.
I would be careful on this.

To qualify for RNE due to a real estate investment the amount should be equal to R$1million or more. If you want to establish a business, R$500,000 to qualify for RNE/CRNM. So yes, 200,000USD should qualify you for an RNE with an investor´s visa upon acquisition of real estate. That could be done remotely online...

https://www.tirarrne.com.br/artigos/rne … nvestidor/

https://sistemas.mre.gov.br/kitweb/data … 3-2017.pdf


Thanks Doc. Did not look at $200K U$D. That may get a whole small city.
My case I would not spend in a country at my age. Do not know a good charity to leave such in BR.

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