Nice places to visit in Russia

Hello, everyone!

Next autumn I`m planning to visit Russia. Hope this situation with corona will ease.
Can you suggest any places to see in Russia? Who was there and got astonished by the beauty of the cities and town? What were they?
Well, I have already been in Moscow and St.Petersburg last time I visited Russia. Now I want to explore more.

Thank you for any suggestions! … in-russia/

hopefully this site can help you !

So, the year has passed since the last comment there.
There's autumn in Russia already, so my places of preference would be:
1. Altay region, because now it becomes golden with its beautiful turquoise Katun river. But better wait for October.
2. Yekaterinburg is like a small Saint Petersburg, but there you'd have to check the weather (it's often rainy here).
3. Kazan has many interesting places for those who are already familiar with Russian culture. There you'll notice the diversity of Orthodox and Islam cultures.

If you are open to Russian Far East you can check out this profile:
The places they are going to are not cliche and with breathtaking views.