Non renewal of contract

I was given a letter of non renewal of contract on April 13, 2020 and my last day of work is June 11, 2020. I’m trying to figure out is this actually legal due to corona pandemic. According to ministry of Human Resources if a company benefited from SANED it is illegal to terminate contract per articles 41 and 74. Will someone correct me if I’m wrong. Being here on lockdown it’s impossible for me to seek legal advice. Can someone please help me. Thanks

You mean you are terminated by your employer. Anyway, for a limited (specified) term contract, there is a clause for both party (employer and employee) the right to terminate the legal binding agreement of a contract.

The application of the decision to restrict the use of the force majeure (i.e. COVID-19 pandemic) as a justification for dismissal, which is mentioned in paragraph 5 of Article 74 of the labor law is limited to Saudi national only, not a legal right for foreign expat worker in my understanding.

I would like to inquire that i have issue regarding the my final exit. Since my employer is holding my clearance form (partially signed) what is best advise that you could provide for my case.

Prior to my final exit i have notified them but they are holding me.

I hope to hear your response as soon as possible.

hi, we have same issues my company told me that they freeze all exit and vacation eventhough i am finished contract still they didnt give me the right to go for exit and still threatening me that if ever i stopped work they will charged me as refusal to work which has no basis at all because my contract was expired already so i want answers regarding my status. please help us out.

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