Student Visa

Hello fellow expats, I have been accepted at KU lueven for masters, I am working on my papers for visa but as you know due to the current situation I can't apply for my visa just yet, however, I am slightly worried that my visa will get rejected, I applied for tourist Visa last year and it was rejected due to insufficient evidence on proving that I will be coming back, and they are requesting a proof this time too, and to be honest that term or condition is very vague it seems that they put it there so they can easily deny you and I am scared, so my question is does anyone have any experience with the immigration policy with student visa recently? And how could I provide undeniable evidence that I will go back to my home country afterwards?
P.S I have a blocked account with university as a proof of funds. And I am currently working as well.
Thank you


If your visa has already been rejected once, there is a huge risk that it will be refused again.

Especially if it had been refused for lack of proof of a return to the country, they will say that you try an administrative sleight of hand

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