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hello everyone
i'm Nondumiso Cibi from South Africa. i'm planning to move to Saudi for work as Radiation Protection officer, i'll like to know more about the country, it's people and more importantly to connect with people that will provide guidance.

The country is good. However you will adjust to their culture as there is no entertainment like SA. And no alcohol.  You will live a normal life the different will be dressing , alcohol, entertainment,  limited movement to authorities  like it will be a mission to go to department of home affairs  or police station you might end up not knowing those places at all especially if you are the woman.

Good luck

you mentioned dressing, what is dressing like for a female or what is the expected dressing code?

Hi Ceeby,

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Do you already know in which area you want to move?
Due to corona virus, when will you move exactly?

What exactly would you like to know about Saudi Arabia?
If you have a lot of questions, please feel free to create a few threads so that you can get a maximum of answers from our members. :)

In case that you haven't read our articles yet, i invite you to go through our detailed guide below where you will find information about visas, procedures, schools and so on :

Living in Saudi Arabia guide

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