Seeking for a teaching job in jeddah.

Hi all, I am an Indian female who is desperate to get a good teaching job in jeddah. I tried looking for a decent job but almost everywhere it is specified that they are looking for a native speaker, which I am not. I am very good at English but I am not a native speaker. My qualification is bachelor's in engineering. So, how do I get a teacher's job in jeddah. I'll be very grateful if you guys could come up with good suggestions.
Thank you.

Hi jpjeeva,

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I would advise you to go through the various offers in the Teaching job offers in Jeddah section, you may find a job that suits your needs.
Also note that you can post your job search there to boost your chances up.

The following article can also prove to be helpful : Work in Jeddah

You can also get in touch with some recruitment agencies. There is one listed in the Jeddah business directory below :

Recruitment Agencies in Jeddah

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do you have a ielts test score? you need that to prove you are competent enough - secondly, you should have a celta/Tesol certification that indicates you in fact know how to teach the English language since you BA is not related

Agree with rareshine Ilts Score and Certification will increase your chances, as now they are hiring more locals in Teaching jobs. If you have certification the atleast you will get a job in any other GCC country.

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