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I am Brazilian-American living in the US,when returning to Brazil "for good" wonder if my American husband can enter Brazil-family reunion visa type-is alowed to bring persoanal  belongings-along with mine thru shipping.Does anyone know?

Yes, but would need to sure no issues on application process for the CRNM.
Have the FBI background check just before leaving. It is only good for 90 days.

Yes, he will, and the duty-free moving allowances are by household, not individual,  so you should be fine.

If you were married in Brazil, or already registered your marriage in  Brazil, make sure that you have the certificate from the cartório.  This will facilitate his visa (VITEM XI), and his residency application with the Federal Police.

If you only have a US Marriage Certificate,  register it with the Brazilian Consulate General responsible for your region.  The "Certidão " they give you will speed his processes, and also let you register your marriage in Brazil with minimal problems.

I got married in California,almost 5 years ago,marriage certificate was translated in Cartorio last year,in Brazil.Thank you for the info regarding this issue.It bogs my mind with moving personal effects,taking along American husband and two children Pets,cat and dog.I may have to go to happy hours and have a few beers to sort out all this confusion.

Believe it or not, you sound like you'll be able to handle it well, once we get past the coronavirus madness.

Aside from getting your documents together,  the single most important thing is choosing a mover with Brazil experience.  If they know the process, they can lead you through it; you don't want them learning as they go along, on your dime.

When I was calling movers, my first question was always, "Have you moved anyone to Brazil before?"   One gentleman started chuckling and said, "I used to think that China was the hardest country to move someone to, then I did my first Brazil move." And I knew I'd found the right people.   :top:

DHL will carry pets, but it will not arrive with your flight.
If it was me I would pay to have them on your flight. As said the pets will need to checked on arrival, MAPA will do the check: and where you go

The owner of the pets must present the animal’s Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, or CVI that is issued by a veterinary. The document differs slightly from country to country, but it should contain at least the following information:

Full name and address of the animal’s owner
Name, gender, breed, birth date, weight, color and markings
Country of origin and country of destination
Statement of health based on physical examination
Once you have the CVI, you may need to take it to a Brazilian consulate and get it validated.I would recommend that you contact your local Brazilian authority to avoid headaches when your pet arrives in the country. It is important that the certificate is issued or sworn translated to Portuguese.
Keep int ouch.
As for home goods. I checked with a mover in Miami who does shipping to Brazil. Unloads in Santos then your BR carrier brings to your place.
Once the quotes were in it was too much for my truck and Corvette. I just sold them. sell them . Glad I did the roads would tear up the corvette and gas for the truck would not be heavy on gas,
Took a month for the house stuff to arrive, Hated leaving good tool, which are hard to find here, Now I'm sad thinking of the stuff but the build thing is vert different, Try change light and switches in concrete wall.........i have so many holes cover (some still open.) So I leave it to professionals

I appreciated all the info regarding pets and moving household goods.I have plenty of time to deal with.In Los Angeles,in case Brazilians don't know,I used the services of R C Business Services,8484 Wilshire Blvd  suite745  Beverly Hills,Ca 90211  Tel: 323 651 2185, email:rcoutinho[at]   Same building as the Brazilian Consulate.I used their services a few times for translations into Portuguese,passaports,etc... They are very efficient and rather to deal with them than the Brazilian Consulate,don't ever think to reach someone on the phone,impossible.Thank you.

Yeah the consular offices of Brazil are super efficient. That's one thing that was a blessing for me too, but even as texanbrazil said. For house stuff leave to professionals. I tried drilling holes in my house to mount my TV turned into a nightmare. Now i just stick to electronics repair lol.

"I tried drilling holes in my house to mount my TV turned into a nightmare. Now i just stick to electronics repair lol."

Funny stuff! That does sound like me at times. Well, sometimes you do try your best to telegraph that you already know it all but to your regret later to discover a horrifying achievement you just did. :lol:

Same here. And holes holes were still here when I came. Brought "spackling" last trip to fill.

omg its so different to north america, keep overthinking things and getting those horrific outcomes, i am sure people think i am a savage sometimes hahahaha

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