EP Renewal

EP is expiring in Nov. We need to renew it.

I use the Skill Test. She is holding a Master and a Degree and approved for S Pass. Her experience and qualifications are more than enough. There is no mention of EP. The issue is the salary.

If we renew her EP pass without increasing her salary, will her pass be approved (given the Covid-19  situation now)? The company is reluctant to increase her salary.

Hope for useful advice. Thank you in advance!

Who is "she" and how are you related to her?
Does she currently have an EP ("EP Renelwal") or S-Pass ("approved for S Pass")?
In any case, it seems currently only work passes in essential professions are processed (e.g. medical), so if the current pass expires only in November, you better wait for the situation to settle down.

She is a staff holding EP pass and not under essential services. I read that renewal can only be done within 6 months of expiry of the pass.

EP can be renew 2 months before its expiry. Not necessarily 6 months before. So, your employer can renew it in September 2020.

It’s common process that a university degree holder should apply for EP (not S pass). But, if salary is too low to apply EP then MoM may reject S pass as he or she is overqualified with lesser pay which will create imbalance local workforce.

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