Working as a lawyer in Mauritius


I am going to relocate to Mauritius from the UK with my husband who is Mauritian. I also have citizenship through my parents but are there any lawyers on here that work in in-house legal departments for foreign companies or banks that can advise how I go about applying for jobs there. I am a junior lawyer in the UK and looking to work within legal departments for financial institutions or other foreign companies in Mauritius.

Any advice or help is appreciated.



Given that you have Mauritian citizenship, finding a job gets easy.

Legal departments or offices of banks and other financial companies are always recruiting lawyers.

Now, whether you are illegible to work in any legal spheres in any sector in Mauritius or whether you will need further exams and other registration procedures, I would suggest you contact a lawyer or a law firm here for advice.

You can find a list of all the law chambers online.

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