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Is it true that brazilian government will give 600 reais to Every person in Caixa bank? Is it true or not? If it's true then what to do for it?

my girlfriend (Maria) says that the bill still needs to be passed by Congress.....

It´s been approved by Senate last March 30 and the money should start to come in at
Caixa Econômica and Banco do Brasil. You should be in a "Cadastro Unico" to qualify
but those not in yet can autodeclare that they´re of low income. The govt is also
considering disbursement by other means through cell phone apps and is yet to be implemented.

Here is the order of disbursement:

1. informal workers that receive the "Bolsa Familia" - 14 million families!
2. Informal workers that are in the "Cadastro Unico."
3. individual micro or small businesses and contributors
4. informal workers that are not registered in any "cadastro."

Here are the features of the emergency aid:

*600 reais for 3 months (extendable, but I doubt it). Maximum of 2 people per family can claim, total of 1,200 reais per month with about 3 installments.

*this benefit could be paid the second week of April. Although Onyx Lorenzoni - the "Ministro da Cidadania" said that money could be distributed by April 16, 2020 on people already in the "Cadastro Unico" - registered low income individuals that receive social benefits.

*individuals with inactive intermittent contracts included to receive the benefit.

*should me 18 or older.

*monthly family income should be inferior to 1/2 of the minimum salary per capita or a total of 3 minimum salaries (salario minimo).

*people claiming must not have a retired pension, unemployment insurance or a recipient of another govt aid.

*couldn´t be a part of any program of income transfer with exception of "Bolsa Familia."

*Don´t include people with taxable income  above R$28,559.70 in 2018.

*includes old people and people with deficiencies in line for INSS benefits.

*single mothers automatically receive 2 quotas (R$1,200) of the benefit.

Here´s a good read about the benefit. You guys can use Google Translate if doesn´t
understand or speak Portuguese: … virus.html


"Cadastro Unico" is:
The Registry is the first step for citizens with low income.

25% of people registered in the Cadastro Unico won´t receive the aid: … 52004.html


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