Job seeking as an English Language Teacher.

How are you? My name is Laina and I am currently in Thailand.I am looking for a job as an English Language Teacher.
I have a Bachelors degree and 3 years teaching experience.I taught at Kindergarten and Primary level.
I enjoy teaching young learners and engaging with them.

You should check out this website:

It has tons of info about teaching in Thailand, including job ads. You can also post your resume/CV.

There are also some ads here on and a place to post your CV/resume: … ching.html

"How are you? My name is Laina, and I am currently in Thailand.
I am looking for a job as an English Language Teacher.
I have a Bachelors's degree and three years of teaching experience. I taught at Kindergarten and Primary level.
I enjoy teaching young learners and engaging with them."

    I've just changed a few mistakes you've made and would like to give you some advice.

  A missing comma here, wrong spacing there, a small number that was written in numerals, and your resume will immediately land in the bin/ trash.

One of my responsibilities as the headteacher at two schools was hiring foreigners and that's indeed not funny. But applicants with such mistakes never made it to an interview.

I'm neither a grammar nazi nor do I try to talk bad about your English. I'm trying to help you, that's all. Looking at your name, you must be female and somewhere from Uzbekistan, or Kasachstan, right?

    I've been teaching here for the last 15 years, got a teacher's license and a lot of experience teaching primary, secondary and university students.

  But I've also prepared and conducted many seminars for Thai English teachers on how to teach English most efficiently.

Please start and produce a very good resume that makes you look outstanding. There's a program called "Grammarly" which comes in a free and a paid version. If I were you, buy the right to use it in the form of a username and a password of e-bay and have full access.

     That's dirt cheap and you'll see how well your written English gets after a while. Right now are no fulltime jobs available and most schools won't start before the 1st of July.

   The ideal situation would be to have a contract that runs for 12 months a year, with Thai social security, sick leave days and business days.

Unfortunately, are there so many agencies where you'd perhaps get a job, but under very strange circumstances.

No insurance, no sick leave and even when you go on a visa run, they don't pay for the time you aren't at school. You'd have around 30 K as a starting salary and the teaching load can be high.

25 hours a week is a lot when you have to produce lesson plans, participate in "extracurricular activities" and teaching 25 hours a week in classrooms without fans is something that I can hardly describe with words.

   I have some questions and I'll try to help you to find a job.

1. What's your nationality?
2. How old are you?
3. Have you got a three year BA? If yes, what field?   
4. On what kind of visa/extension are you right now?
5. Where are you seeking employment?

   Once you've answered these questions, I'll get you in touch with somebody. I'm not fooling people, I'm an honest guy.

    Kind regards from the lower northeast also called Isaan.

The people who post their resumes at are always the same. Sometimes over many years.

    Schools do not pay money to have access to these teachers.

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