COVID-19 and expatriation in Singapore

Hello everybody,

The COVID-19 crisis inevitably impacts Singapore, between closed airports or periods of containment in some cities or even the entire country .
We would like to hear from you during this unusual period, to find out what the consequences of this pandemic are on your expatriation or expatriation project in Singapore.

Does the current crisis call into question your long-term expatriation project?
If you are already settled in Singapore, do you plan to return to your home country?

How are you living through such an uncertain period, especially if you are far from your loved ones?

Have any of you ended your expatriation in Singapore unexpectedly?

Paradoxically, has this crisis brought you closer to some people?

What are your plans for the future?

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Hope you are doing well.


Nothing changes for me.
I just wish to use this period to locate someone who can serve as coach and guide for me emigration at the end of this confinement period.
Definitely life must go on.
It is not yet the end of the world, but rather a call to a more thoughtful living.

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