COVID-19 and expatriation in the Philippines


Well said. I fully agree to your statement. Talking about liquor is part of the topic. People need to understand that governments desicion will be brought through the Local Goverment Units (LGU) and can be different even from City to City. As of the desicion made that Laguna is at GCQ since June 1st doesn’t mean all Cities in Laguna have the same rights.

prince_denison :

Don't you knew that Filipinos are scattering all over the Globe and are not complaining wherever they are, wherever they live or visited in the other countries? Because they knew .....

Because they knew ..... what a *** they crawled out from ... and anywhere else is better than their ** hometowns of polluted rivers, air, streets and congested roads with slums every which way ... yes that's why they don't complain, there's nothing to complain - everywhere else is paradise to them.

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I am the one that doesn't want to live in the Philippines but I have no choice unless I want to be a useless father and abandon my boys.  And this lockdown made things worse for the simple fact that my youngest son needed urgent surgery.  Only a public hospital open that couldn't do the surgery.  I was beyond angry.  But I found a temporary solution that bought us some time.  Even now their mother refuses to  let me take them out of the country since they are her meal ticket because I make it a point to provide very well for my children. No I will not marry their mother either.  We split up for the last time.  I knew I was living in the stone age here but the lack of medical training was very surprising.  Then I find that the lack of standards applies to many areas here.  Automotive, construction, etc.  The lack of quality food for my boys during this lockdown was just as distressing.   Somehow, I will get my boys out of here and I am never coming back.

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