Special Tax Status - Lower Repesentation Allowance??

Hi All,

I am on this special tax status since august 2018. Since day one I receive a net repesentation allowance of 200 euro per month.

However, since january 2020 I apparantly receive 98 euro net per month. Asked admin department and they replied it is due to my special status that I cannot receive more.

Is this true? I tried the FOD website but can't seem to find a document with details on this status a bit more detailed.

Thanks for your feedback and stay strong!



I am also following the special tax regime, but my representation allowance remains the same as the one mentioned in my contract.

It is a net amount and cant be taxed.

There are representation cost ceilings in general .... but not specifically for Special expat tax status. I think 200 eur is well under the top limit

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