Hard times? Any meaningful measures from Immigration?

I'm not a newbie to Thailand.  In fact I live here for many years.  As a Retiree.  In a OYO apartment.
Every year I am issued a 1 year long Retirement Non-Immigrant Visa.  Which is an easy Thai deal.
Every 3 months I have to report my whereabouts.  Which is annoying, but is a part of a Thai deal.

Question:  Is this procedure somehow made easier in view of COVID-19?Because from being annoying it has become dangerous! Serious matter requires serious response.
Please, leave out the "wash your hands" advice.  I am so stupid that I do this for many years anyway. :|

Oh, yes!  I live not in a big city.  I believe in BKK the Immigration is adequate in this respect.  What about  Rayong province?  They seem to have more PC workstations than staff members.  Why not use them?

I have been living in the Hot District 100km south of Chiang Mai for a while now and would rather not drive there every 3 months to report my whereabouts as I have not changed it for a long time, as no money changes hands there should be a much simpler way for us long stay people.

Do not understand where the money issue has gone into the 90 days reporting.  But a really meaningful and effective way of cutting on any foreigner appearing at the Immigration office 4 times a year would have been to allow doing this vital act remotely - online.
But like many other common sense things it is out of reach for me.  Lucky are the BKK dwellers...

90 days report, Can be done in person, buy post mail, Online, or with mobile phone apps. Or send someone else to do it.

There is so many option to do it, I think it is a bit silly to complain about that.

The one time a year to do a Extension of stay at Immigration (This is NOT a Visa), Is all so simple, Special if one is on Retirement Extension.


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