Are you still in Kuwait despite an expiring visa?

Hello everyone,

As the Covid19 put Kuwait under lockdown we wanted to know more about expats in this country with an expiring visa.

Do you have an expiring visa in Kuwait?

What are your options? Have the Kuwaiti Government issued instructions?

How do you obtain information about visas renewals in Kuwait during the lockdown period ? Are the administrations closed, is there an online system to proceed?

Are there airlines/flights still operating in case your visa has expired?

Hoping you are all safe !



In the same boat. My parents are here on visit visa which expires in Apr first week. From the recent announcements, and hope this is true, they will not impose fine and provide grace period for people to move out of Kuwait once flights resume.

‪ - No fine for late renewal of visa due to holidays … ys/‬

‪Residence renewal for expats outside Kuwait, visit visa extension … … on/‬

However, you have to consider the fact that what if Kuwait opens the flight and the destination country is still under lockdown.

Hope things work out and stay home stay safe

Also with reference to flights only countries having some sort of evacuation flights for their citizens are operating now. Slim chance things normalise before mid April


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