Covid-19 prevention rules

Preventing COVID-19 Spread in Communities

Thanks Lilli for the poster.

Actually many people say that you don't need to use a mask since it doesn't stop the virus, and that it should be the infected people that should be using it. But I wear one and everywhere I go I see people wearing them, more and more each day. Also, for the people who do not realize that they are infected so don't wear a mask that just makes it more dangerous for everyone. I guess I am like everyone else, trying to protect myself as much as possible. I carry around hand sanitizer 70% and 60& and also wet wipes which I used to punch in the numbers on ATM machines, but I haven't gone as far as to wear transparent plastic gloves.

Ive used many variants of PPE for most of my adult life, from simple dust masks to full respirator kits working with hydrogen sulphide (H2S/ sour gas with ppm that will kill you with seconds) sadly the vast majority of the general public have zero knowledge on how to use a simple face mask/ dust mask, however im not hear to tell people what to do in such circumstances.
The only advice i would say if you want to use a mask, make sure you use it correctly, you quite probably arent, it would be beneficial to spend 5 minutes research on hygiene and using such equipment
Good luck

I worked around Hydrogen Sulphide gases too in my younger years on oil rigs, but then we could usually detect it on time and were safe inside a pressurized unit. But it's nasty stuff. Yes definitely need to know how to use a mask correctly and also with a virus it is in a way just a dangerous as H2S gas as whatever you touch gets infected for hours or days. I'm still using a PM2.5 because the N95's that we have are Asian size suitable for Indonesians and Japanese (we ordered ours from Japan) but they are good for the wife and kids.

Tend to stay away from platforms these days, i dont know what protocols are in place with this virus but i would imagine it will be very strict and enforced with zero exceptions as usual quite possible a 24/7 live PTW

I worked on rigs and platforms for seven years in the 1980's and quit because I started to hate it. Helicopters smelling of diesel fumes and vibrating like crazy. I used to fly about 12 hours out from Jakarta stopping at different rigs along the way. One of the last I worked on was the Pipe Alpha and was on not on it when it happened.

And imagine working 12 hours in a confined space with one r two other people. Not a nice place to be nowadays.

Yes I certainly wouldn't want to be on a rig right now. The living areas are very confined including the canteen and the bedrooms with bunks. Forced to be in close proximity with others most of the time.

Even in the North Sea imagine traveling with 6 or 8 or more people in the confined space of a helicopter.....nasty.

One of my wife's friends is a geologist based in Jakarta and she has just been given permission to stay at home to work. Dangerous times....

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