retirement visa

hi to all

i am a new member from uk  living in cancun mexico.

been trying to find answer to my question but couldnt.

this new retirement visa has to be applied in a brazilian embassy in home country?

or it is better to apply it from brazil?

can anyone comment on this?

Thanks in advance

If wanting to retire, you will need a vistor visa to enter Brazil. Once you enter you will go to the Policia Federal to apply for retirement visa.
There is a new post on this forum with the information by abthree. It is in Portuguese, but you can translate the info. I do recommend knowledge of Portuguese since wanting to retire here.
It will take a lot of documents for such and you will have 90 days to begin such. (Do not wait to begin.)

As Tex said, you'd apply for this visa at the Brazilian Consulate nearest your residence, so you probably won't have to return to the UK.

This visa is so new (there formerly was a retirement visa, but it was closed to new applicants in 2017, and this one replaces it) that the regulations for it haven't been published yet, and it doesn't yet have an official designation.   

Here's what we know about it so far:
1. It will be a temporary visa in the VITEM series, maybe VITEM XIV;
2. It will NOT confer a right to permanent residency.   Visa holders will have to apply to the Federal Police for that, and residency will be conferred up to two years at a time, and may be renewed.   Renewal terms are TBD at this time.
3. Proof of a pension equivalent to at least USD $2000/month required
4. Proof of health insurance valid for Brazil required.
5. The usual requirements for Brazilian temporary visas (valid travel document, criminal background check, etc.)

The original legislation, and all that seems to be published so far, is here: … %BA_40.pdf

All Brazilian visa activities are delayed now because of COVID-19.  If interested, you might try emailing the nearest Brazilian Consulate.

I agree with abthree and add, the big issues are Health insurance accepted in Brazil, cannot have a bank account until you get a CRNM to even begin transferring at least $2,000 US per month.
If you have Expat type health insurance, you pay medical bill upfront, then request re-imbursement. (Can be long delay)
Many consulates here are running a minimum crew and only accepting emergency's. Passport renewals and such are not an emergency.
Language is a major issue. Having to deal with the Policia Federal and with lines. Not many agents are bi-lingual.
May want to hold tight until and the health issues are solved.  All border are closed via land and very limited flight domestically and internationally.
Having a UK visa will not guaranty entry. PF has final say at the airports.

Hi - we have been working on the Retirement Visa process now for a few months.  My husband and I were going to leave for Brasil on 17 March, and we were hoping to meet with the Federal Police and complete the process by the end of April. 

We have been using an agency in Sao Paulo to help us with all of the required documents, regulations, and translations.  We have gotten as far as submitting everything, and were just in the 30 day window where the government agency reviews the documents....and now, well, we are still here in the US.  Our contact at the agency is going to keep us posted as to when things will be up and running again. 

I will post again when we have more information to share.

thank you very much for the reply. is there are an agency in brazil which you could recommend to help us. i mean after we arrive. lawyers or visa agency who can do all paper work and visit the pf on our behalf with a power of attorney? we have 2 young kids so its not feasible to wait in long lines.

thank you very much for the info. i read your post on this new visa. since i am retired, and we lived in turkey for 3 years before moving to cancun., mexico. this police report needs to cover how many years?
we would need a police report from turkey and mexico if it covers 5 years. if more than from uk too.

Police reports are required to cover the five years prior to application. 
Starting March 30,  Brazil is closed to most foreigners arriving by air for 30 days; land  borders are already closed.  You should consider this in your planning.

Hi - we have been using Newland Chase out of Sao Paulo.  Our immigration consultant has been Evlis Aquino.  I have already checked with him to make sure it is ok to refer him.  He has been extremely responsive, and seems to be very knowlegable about the immigration process.   Here is his information:

Elvis Aquino

Immigration Consultant

Alameda Santos, 2.441 – 4º andar - 01419-002

São Paulo – SP

Direct +55 (11) 3065-0690 Ext. 32690

Office +55 (11) 3065-0655

Mobile +55 (11) 95048-6175


Hope this is helpful to you!

thank you very much

abthree thank you very much for the info. everything is closed in mexico as of today. so yes it will take time when we all are back to normal.

about the 5 years police report, can we just get it from uk? do immigration check that we been living in other countries before from our passport stamps? its quiet easy to get it from uk.

You never, EVER want to lie to the Federal Police, particularly when requesting authorization to reside in Brazil,  not just visit.  They will ask where you've been living for the past five years, and they will have a copy of your entire passport to check your story.  If they even suspect that you're not being completely honest with them, they'll reject you, at best.
Brazil is currently closed to foreigners anyway, and probably won't reopen before offices in Mexico do, so you're not currently losing anything by waiting and getting it right.

abthree is correct and to the point.
Having family working in the PF and MJ, misinformation is a no no. Maybe a few months ago they would say, "this is not correct" and give extra time to provide. Today it would be rejected and then you are waiting a year or more to re-apply

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