chinese trying to open a spanish bank account

any banks recommendation which is friendly to chinese?

From my 34 years experience of living in spain as a foreigner, 14 yrs with my Asian wife,  I have never experienced any racist attitude.  I would think any bank would be ok for any nationality.

I tried to open an account with La Caixa in Calle Barcas 3 and turned in all documents and i was rejected for no reason.

I tried to open an account with Sabadell and was told i must have an earnest money contract before being allowed to open an account

I opened an account in santander but was forced to buy useless insurance for €50 monthly and my account was blocked 7 days later.  They requested the same documents except 1 year bank statements (i gave 6 months) when i opened an account and it took almost 2 weeks to unblock it!

Spanish banks are nightmares,  but everything depends on it

I've no experience of them but I would think that banks like ING direct or Triodos which work online have standardised routines which may be easier to follow.

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