Insanity Rules

Previously I posted about Allegheny county jail releasing non violent criminals.

It seems this is  something that is catching on, Philadelphia police are told not to arrest criminals for burglary & car thefts.

Feds (usa) are thinking about releasing criminals over 60 years of age.

With the school closing just think of marauding teenagers stealing in seven 11's or other places with impunity.

If you ever seen videos of Philippine Prisons with inmates  pack tighter than a sardine can. Some of these prisoners have been in jail 15 years waiting trial because they couldn't make bail. A time bomb for Corona.

I thought about commenting on that too.

It is like they are trying to create chaos.

When you keep in mind that younger people with no underlying health issues are not in much risks it makes you wonder why else they would release some prisoners (in the US).

And as for looting and home invasion etc, someone in charge needs to put out a general order of lethality in dealing with them. That kind of thing at this time is a national security risk and should not be tolerated (again for the US).

"Mutiny" fm within?

So is skin tax becoming skin attacks? Hope you don't become hunted like albinos in Africa.

The M-16 (auto) maybe an oldie, but does a very decent job.


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