Following your life partner in Iran

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If love can move mountains, it also makes people move abroad, in countries such as Iran.
Following your life partner in a country with different customs and rules is an act of absolute trust and may require a period of adaptation.
This is why we would like to have your opinion to answer these questions and thus help future expats who are preparing to follow the same track by moving in Iran.

What preparation do you have, or do you advise, to do before your departure in order to make the best of this experience?

What challenges have you faced? In what areas (finding a job, socialization, well-being)? How did you overcome them?

What is the outcome of this experience for you? Would you do it again if the opportunity arose?

Has your relationship with your beloved changed since your expatriation in Iran? Do you have any advice on this subject?

If your expatriation involved children, how did you manage to maintain a family balance in the face of this life change?

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it's really good topic to conversation.i think the immigration is really importance choice.

we can talk about it more & more,

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Without Prejudice ............

Iran is a country that holds great respect and treats the expatriates with love and warmth, no matter what Nationality you may hold. 
FYI - if you are married to an Iranian National, immigration is no problem at all.
One can find work and obtain the Resident Visa which would be valid for One year.

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Am Mebe Ngo'o, how safe is  Iran?

@ fatima q Hassan:

I would advise you  to create a new thread in the Iran forum since your post is a bit off topic.

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Actually if you are married to an Iranian you just register here in Iran or in another country and can get passport and Iranian birth certificate like I did

Fatima I am an Australian born woman who has lived in Iran for 5-6 years I went back home to give birth but came back here to raise my child. I find Iran in general safe I haven't seen guns on the streets just bad driving. People are generally warm and curious about foreigners but think your crazy for living here 😂 I would recommend learning some Farsi if you want to work here it is hard to adjust without it and as with all expat moves anywhere you go is hard to adapt and adjust it takes time I have a lot of expats who have come and gone or they decide to stay. I guess it depends on the strength of your relationship. If you have anymore questions I can answer cheers Tanya

I'm searching a job

Thank for sharing your idea ma but please as a man is it easy to get job in Iran or not ?