EP Application - 2nd time in Singapore

Good Day,

I am a FORMER S Pass holder who worked in Singapore.

Unfortunately, I have a credit card debt (approx $5,000 SGD) which I have been in communication about with the Bank and have recently decided to settle in full. However, due to this, my credit report is pretty bad (HH Grade)

I have recently been offered employment and to return to Singapore with a new prospective employer who intends to apply for an E Pass on my behalf.


- Does MOM review this information with the credit bureau considering they would know I am a past work pass holder?
- Even if I paid off the debt in full prior to my prospective employer applying for the E Pass, would that have any POSITIVE bearing on my application considering my credit score wouldn't change in the near future?
- Or can I settle the debt after obtaining my e-pass and relocating to Singapore?

Any prudent advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You in advance

You shouldn't leave the country without paying debt. Now, good thing is that you are in touch with the lending bank and agreed to pay in full.

MoM can get all the information (or might have this information in their database) but apart from this, MoM has stringent standards to qualify before considering giving work pass. Market conditions are in bad shape and your employer must have strong reason to hire a foreigner. MoM checks all these cases strictly. Good luck


thank you very much for your feedback.
Agreed, the onus is on me for defaulting.

I'm trying to ascertain that since I previously did qualify for a work pass on my qualifications, in all likelihood, should qualify again, considering it is in the same line of work.

My inquiry pertains to the fact that will my work pass application approval BENEFIT in anyway if I pay off the debt entirely prior to applying? I am assuming even if I did pay it off, MOM won't be able to ascertain this as my credit score doesn't change for a period of at least 12 months from what I have been told.
Even though I have reached a settlement with the bank to pay it after arriving in Singapore, is it prudent to pay it off prior to the EP Application submission or not at all?

I read from another poster on here who was in a similar situation and they managed to get a work pass (AGAIN) despite having debt in Singapore since the bank did not take legal action, which is similar to my case.

As far as I know (but these things are never published and may change over time), MoM does not consider credit ratings and private disputes with companies (banks), unless legal action was taken.
But that you qualified for an EP before does NOT mean you still do, as the criteria are constinuously tightened. Furthermore, the employer and job must also wualify - and the job market in your favour (i.e. no Singaporeans available who could do the job).

Dear Beppi & Surya,

Thank you for your thoughtful explanations, which, even though, they are somewhat contradictory regarding the assessment of personal information by MOM, I am nevertheless appreciative for.

I understand that the criteria for acquiring an employment pass are extensive,  comprehensive and contextual depending on my own qualifications, the role offered, salary and availability of local workforce to do the job instead etc. and would never casually assume that since I was approved before, will be approved again. Just going by likelihood.

Based on this, if you could further add your insights on the below:

1. Considering my employer has a substantial # of EP's within the company ratio, does that bode well in general, rather than being one of the few within the staff to be a foreigner? Or would that actually deter my chances in that MOM could question why the company requires another EP? Does MOM prefer a certain local / foreigner ratio within a company?

2. Salary - my last salary approved under S Pass was $4000. Partly the reason why I left singapore (over 2 years ago) was because of the low salary and limited prospects of advancements. Now the job offer I have received has a salary of $8500. Would MOM review my previous S Pass approval salary? And if so, would they scrutinize why I have received such a "jump" in a relatively short span of time? Or considering that it has been over two years since my last employment in Singapore and that they are two different companies with two different job titles and scopes, it would be reviewed on it's own merit?

3. Applying for DP - I also intend on having my family (wife and child who is still an infant) join me in Singapore. Is there any truth to EP applications filed simultaneously with DP being looked upon more favorably versus an individual  application for EP, and upon approval of EP, then filing for DP?

As always, thank you in advance.

1. It should be other way round. A company who gives priority to locals would be termed as favourable employer. But, again it depends upon the employees strengths, if a large size bank which have total employees of 1000, then 200 EPs are still okay. But an employer with 80 employees if has 40 employees as foreigners then would be different views at MoM.

2. It depends on number of years experience, skills you possess, market demand and current market rate to be considered at MoM.

3. Employer always prefer employee's work pass gets approved first then let the employee join then employer applies DP.

All these information we have already given in this forum. Start spending time to go through it.

Thank you, Surya....very helpful and apologies for making you repeat information.
Yes, I've been going through the threads and it concurs with what you have written here.

An additional inquiry that I haven't found a clear answer for - does MOM ALWAYS check with your ex-employer in Singapore for an EP application with a new prospective employer? Considering I haven't worked for my ex-employer for over 2 years now.

  I didn't resign on bad terms, but not necessarily the best either, considering that I found employment OUTSIDE of Singapore that paid better. So would this also be considered "job hopping"? If I left the job in SG to go elsewhere?

And what sort of information does MOM gather from ex-employers - is it just confirmatory such as period of work, salary etc. or do they actually seek out a review / feedback? Not that I had any disciplinary problems or anything of that nature, but again, considering I left for greener pastures, my ex-employer wouldn't exactly write a glowing letter of recommendation if asked.

As far as I know, MoM does not usually contact ex-employers in Singapore, as all the information they need, i.e. job title, duration, salary, any reports lodged, is already in their database.

Thank you, beppi.

It's quite the conundrum and I suppose all this speculation is ultimately futile since the inner workings of MOM appear to be unique for each case.
Regardless, am grateful to surya and yourself for alleviating the concerns of people like myself.
Keep up the great work!


Have you got your EP approved ?? Have you entered in Singapore ??
What happened when you returned to Singapore ?
Any issues at immigration??
Please, kindly let me know am in same situation now.


Not yet applied. Im looking for a Software developer role in Singapore

Ay news on going back to singapore?
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