What car to buy for Pecs (some snow drinving)


I will be moving to Pecs soon and will want to purchase a car when I get there almost immediately, as will need it to get around as will be living on out skirts (no access to public transport) . There will be some driving in the snow. What vehicles do Hungarians mostly drive to accommodate driving in the snow or does this not occur and put don't drive in the snow. I don't need a big car.

Car purchase price will be approximately 10K euros

If you think I need more money for a car feel free to flag me and I can put of the move until i save more.


When living in Switzerland, I bought a used Suzuki Impreza (in your price range). All wheel drive. Loved that car. Fish tailed more than once on icy Swiss mountain roads, but the AWD caught it and brought me back inline.

Due to auto import rules, could not import that car to Hungary.

Bought a new Suzuki Swift for about your price range. Great little car. Fun to drive. Enjoyed it. But it was lousy in snow and ice. Really not a car for snow or ice. If you expect snow, I recommend an AWD car. If you can, try to import a used EU car, as Hungarian used cars are over priced.

Hope this helps.

thanks for your feedback

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