Coronavirus: Stay in RP or Go Back Home?

Hey PAL has very limited flights to USA for the rest of March and also they are flying a lot of 737's and only putty one passenger in each set of grouped seats, i.e. if three wide then one in middle and two wide then one at window! No flight to states at all on 29th! I am planning on their flight out of NAIA on 27th! Also if you try take cheaper flight to Vancouver be aware you cannot fly or walk or drive to USA! Only a transit flight through Canada

The situation about virus changes every day

Sorry to hear of such frustrating circumstances. Infact I've never seen/heard of such patience you guys have shown. I've had my fair share of frustration dealing with cebu pacific but nothing nearly close to what you guys have faced!
Thanks for your feedback!

Stay cool & Thinks will get better!

I booked a flight for two through philippineairlinesdotcom March 11:
JFK-CEB-JFK for March 13, 0245h flight.
I had to cancel due to the virus and Manila lockdown. I was able to get hold of a live person dialing the New York number for PAL. That was March 12.
Yes, there was no wait and a live person on the phone.
She helped me with the cancellation. The first she asked me was where I bought the PAL tickets.
Now, the long wait begins of seeing the refund without penalty.

you're my hero


I'm sorry to hear of all the problems, it can be very disconcerting when one is stuck somewhere and can't get home.  I was originally scheduled to fly back to the US on 4/3 as per my usual, but moved it up to 3/12 after seeing the way things were going elsewhere, and due to concerns over possible health risk from my asthma.

I had no problems reaching PAL or rescheduling the return flight to the US. I always book Prem Economy which allows no-fee schedule changes and allows you to get through to someone in Cust Service right away. I was fortunate to have a good flight, seats were almost empty up front and service excellent. Lots of temp checks in the Philippines, but nothing to speak of once I got to HNL or LAX.

To that point, having been there until last week, watching the news, and now in daily chats with my GF, I believe the Philippine government is handling this situation better than we have here. I have been  encouraged at what I have seen.  They took it seriously and moved fast 6 weeks ago to implement actions such as cancelling incoming flights, performing tests and contact tracing, and implementing lockdowns. The people have mostly followed directions and guidelines.

Here we had a very delayed response, mixed messages until last week over the seriousness of the outbreak, and a shortage of test kits and medical supplies. Some renegades continue to take pride in disregarding pleas for social distancing, especially young people. The administration is definitely focused now, and working hard to address the situation, but it seems the horse has left the barn. Might have been better to stay there.

Agree pnwcyclist, The Philippine government has led the the way with control and the people are helping by abiding by the new laws.

I have been watching this site for well over a week:

PH. has maintained 2 cases per million of population while Australia has jumped from 22 cases to now 34 cases per million in a week, most other western countries rising also. I think (hope) the gravity of the situation has finally sunk in.

"Some renegades continue to take pride in disregarding pleas for social distancing, especially young people."

From my readings and social media I believe what you said above was Italy's downfall.

As said in another post I am more than happy to stay here and wait it out. With the better half here and happy.  I do worry for my family and friends back in Oz that have finally realised how serious this is.
Stay safe and well.

Cheers, Steve.

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