Job Opportunities.

Hi guys, hope everyone are doing well?

I am currently living in South-Africa and desperately looking for job opportunities in Mauritius.
I have applied for a lot of vacancies but no luck thus far.

Does someone perhaps have any advice for me of where to look etc?
Looking forward to your reply.

Have a great day.

Hi Adolph,

Welcome to and thank you for your post :)

What kind of job are you looking for please? Maybe you can tell us more on your professional background.

I would first of all advise you to go through the living in Mauritius guide and to go through the different articles. The articles about work in Mauritius might definitely help.

I would also advise you to get in touch with some recruitment agencies as well, they can also help you in your job search.
There are some which have been recommended by our members in the Mauritius Business directory : Recruitment Agencies in Mauritius.
Also feel free to go through the Working in Mauritius forum, members' advices can also help you.

Finally, have you tried to post your job search in the jobs in Mauritius section of the website ?
If the answer is no, i would advise you to go ahead and to post a free ad here. It can also give your job search a little boost.  :happy:

If you have other query about expatriation to Mauritius, please feel free to create more threads and to ask all your questions. We will try our best to guide you as best as we can. :idontagree:

Wish you all the best and good luck,

Priscilla team  :cheers:

Hi Priscilla,

Thank you very much for your reply.
My wife and I visited Mauritius about 3 weeks ago and fell in love with the island.
We stayed over by local people in Tamarin and we did what the locals do.
Experienced the bus rides, shopping at the different malls, went to church etc.

I have Service Delivery Management, Customer Care, Account Management, Project Management and Team Leading experience.
I am looking at Management positions, I have managed an IT team for years.

My wife is also looking at available positions.
She is currently a General Manager (Center Management) at a shopping mall.
Our daughter is turning 16 in April and would like for her to finish her school career in Mauritius, then do University there (Uniciti).

Thank you for you advice on where to start looking and what to look for.

Have a blessed day.
Kind regards,

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