How do you navigate your expat identity in Indonesia?

Hey guys in Indonesia or wanting to move there,

Fellow expat Stephanie has sent us a piece about how she navigates between her British-ish and her French-ish identity and we thought we would share it with you.

Her opinion piece is featured on our magazine:
Opinion: Does being an expat mean I’ll always be the outsider?

We would love to know what you think!

Happy Thursday,

Since I was a child in the UK there has always seemed to be an underlying dislike of the french and vice versa, with each side making fun of the other. In fact, when I lived in France, one of my friends who was a famous ex-national French rugby player nick-named me "Roast Beef". I didn't make a name up for him because he was a giant of a man.

But I don't really see the issue that Stephanie has. I tihnk it all depends on what kind of person you yourself are. For example, I have lived in lots of different countries and everyone of them has been fun and the people have always accepted me and my British nationality without any problems. So much so that I don't even think about having to "navigate" between identities. I suppose that is because I consider working in a foreign country as a bit like being on holiday.

So my guess is that perhaps Stephanie might have personal issues or insecurities, and that probably many of us do not have this kind of problem. Also, if you consider that Stephanie's come country is just an hour of so away from England it is a bit baffling why she feels this way. Afterall, she can easily return home on weekends or whenever by taking a short train ride.

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