The importance of diplomatic representation when living in Indonesia

Is your home country represented in Indonesia? And if it is not, do you find this is a problem?

We have just posted online a piece about the importance of diplomatic representation in your host country while living abroad. Do let us know whether you think it is absolutely essential and share your experience about diplomacy in Indonesia.

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The British embassy in Jakarta is easy to get to - physically
The British embassy in Jakarta is a rare old pain in the bum to get to if you really need them.

It takes ages to get an appointment, they're unhelpful hen you finally get there, and they overcharge for everything. I'm really happy I don't anything to do with them any more.

I've seen the British Embassy in Jakarta become less and less helpful over the years. Now all passport matters are done through a different place along with Visas for European countries etc. If you have any queries about anything other than passports and visas then expect no information or help except to be referred to a UK government website.

The italian Embassy in Jakarta is pretty helpful, while the Consulate in Bali is a ghost, and the rare times u can talk to someone, either offer a paid service or send u to Jakarta.

I remember when I lived in Bali back in the late 1990's, the French Embassy in Bali was run by french bloke with his own business. Also, yonks ago I lost my UK passport in Bali and had to fly to Jakarta to get a new one.

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