Regestered rental contract query

I need to submit registered lease agreement for dependent visa, i asked my landloaed and he sent me proof from which mentions:

Start date 1/08/2018
Duration: 1 year

By one years it seems contract already expired.

But on rental agreement that i signed it says:
If no timely notice is given, or if the tenant continues to inhabit the property without objection from the lessor, the original lease will be continued under the same conditions but is assumed to have been entered into for a period of 9 years from the date on which the initial lease agreement of short duration has entered into force.

Is it fine to submit this rental agreement for visa application or landlord needs to update the contract on


As long as you provide both, it's fine.

Hello everyone
I am asked to submit the proof of registration of the lease contract, the landlord told to my husband that the contract is already registered and he doesn't has any additional documents to give to us.. I sent his reply to the embassy and they said they can't issue the visa without the requested document, and they sent website link called "myrent".. Is it easy to get this document from this website. And who can make this the landlord or my husband?
Thanks in advance

if you had took some time to read the first page of this website, you would have got the answer :)

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