Areas to rent for 6 month stay

Hi all,

i will be moving to singapore for work in April and staying until September.

wondering if anyone can be of help as to places/areas i should to live in.

i will be travelling a alone (32yro male) and my office will be in Collyer Quay, so ideally looking for somewhere that is fairly easy to walk to/from work (approx 25min max) and somewhere that will be near bars/restaurants/shops, that will suit a young professional expat.

any help will be really appreciated.

many thanks

The legal minimum to rent any residential property is six months - but even so it is very uncommon to have rental contracts for below a year. The concept of reasonably priced short-term accommodation does not exist in Singapore (even AirBnB is illegal!).
I recommend you look for services apartments, which cost as much as cheap hotels (starting at S$100/night), but offer more amenities for a longer stay.
In small and well-connected (by public transport) Singapore, the area you stay is not important.

Hi Beppi

Thank you for your reply.

I am looking at Winsland Serviced Suites by Lanson Place, can you tell me what the area is like in terms of what I am looking for ie: shops, restaurants, bars and is it easily accessible to Collyer Quay and other parts of the city.

many thanks

Singapore is so small, densely populated and well connected by public transport. that anywhere would suit your requirements - except maybe for bars, which are not that common due to the (artificially) very high price of alcohol.

No, the minimum legal period is 3 months to rent in Singapore.
As an expat, I found a very comfortable and fully-furnished suite at Figment
I can warmly recommend it  :top:

That place is classified as serviced apartment. They are allowed to rent out for shorter durations (even by the day or week, but yours seems to have a company-internal minimum of three months).
Normal residential property cannot!

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