Dependent Visa query RP and lease agreement with different address

Hi All,

I need some suggestion and opinions for Dependent Visa application.

I landed in Belgium in mid Nov 2019 with Long Term Visa D and since then leaving in a shared accommodation. I have already applied for an RP card in 1000 Brussels Commune (without lease agreement) which I might receive in next month as my police verification is already completed.
Meanwhile, now I decided to bring my family here and apply for their dependent visa.

So, I will have a RP registered in 1000, Brussels and will have an apartment (with registered lease agreement) in Ever starting from first week of May.
I want them to apply for their visa in April, before I move to new apartment. As, changing address on RP card might again take few weeks and I will land up in the 6 months scenario.

1) Is it necessary that my RP card should have same address as that of my lease agreement while applying for dependent visa?
2) Or should I mention my wife's name in the registered lease agreement to avoid any issues?


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1. Normally yes. Safest way is to apply after you move to your new apartment and update the address in your RP.
2. Not a must.

if you are in a hurry, you can explain things in the cover letter, that you are currently in this address and you will move to a new one, attach both rent agreements, write clearly the timelines, etc and apply.

In my opinion, it will only complicate your file.

Thanks Aneesh,

The only concern in applying after updating my address in the RP is that the application will be submitted post 6 months of my stay in Belgium.

Thanks again for sharing knowledge and helping us all with information.

Hello everyone,
I need help please..
I have received Email today from TLS Contact, they asked me to submit the proof of registration of the lease contract. I've already sent the lease contract but I don't konw about the registration process..
Knowing that i have submitted my application on 16 January for family reunion visa.

To answer your question, normally the landlord is responsible for registering it within two months of its signature.

The lease agreement must be registered at the official registration office (Bureau du Receveur de l’Enregistrement, 54 Rue de la Régence, 1000 Brussels – Tel: 02/578.09.73 – open from 8h to 12h).

More information is available at … ng-a-lease

Thanks for your reply..

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