Refusal Entry From Singapore

hai sir,
My Name is Nagababu, I'm from india
I worked in Singapore 6years Under work permit
(2013 to 2019),  2019 November 26 I Stop renewed my contract with my company and I comeback to India because of my family problems, After two months my family situation is fine, then I decided to go Singapore in a visiting visa and find a New job under SPass, if there is no vacancies I have plane to Study Advance Diploma in Singapore, I applied visiting visa and I went Singapore last month 26( 26January 2020) but I was refused enter, I was bring return ticket and house address and money with me, but I did some mistakes, I was booked my return ticket for two months also I was mentioned in immigration Card 60 days, 
they said you don't have proper reason to enter in Singapore, also they took my photo and  my fingerprints
They issued a letter to me , in the letter they mentioned "being ineligible for the issue of a pass under current immigration policies"
Now Can i apply for Student or work visa or I Can't enter in Singapore  anymore ?
please help me and give me Suggestions..
Thank you

They probably suspected that you are trying to find a job while on visit pass (and according to what you wrote, they were right).
You should contact ICA,  explain why you want to visit and ask how the ban can be lifted. Good luck!

Did you read existing threads? We have said numerous times that reach out ICA to get email confirmation.

You were rightly denied by the officers. You were 6 years in Singapore but didn’t know this basic visa rule that a tourist can get only 30 days entry visa and your return ticket must be before that.

Secondly, you should have a reason to visit. In your case, officer can see your history and if you don’t provide a valid reason then they may look into you suspiciously that you are coming here for searching job. Good luck

they replay to me

Please refer to your email dated 20 October 2019.

2              We wish to clarify that as with most countries, a visitor's entry into Singapore is neither a right nor automatic. Each application for a visit pass is assessed on its own merits. Visitors must fulfil our entry requirements before they can be considered for entry and those who have been assessed by the immigration officers at the checkpoints to be ineligible for a Visit Pass will be refused entry.

3              If you wish to visit Singapore subsequently, you are required to submit an application for a Visit Pass through a Local Sponsor in Singapore to the Visitor Services Centre, 4th Storey, ICA Building, 10 Kallang Road, Singapore (208718) for our consideration. The relevant application forms (Form 14 and Sponsorship Letter V39I) are attached in this email for reference and use. You are required to state clearly the reason(s) or purpose for entry, the duration of visit and also declare any antecedents on the application forms. You may also include any other supporting documents deemed relevant to substantiate the purpose of visit in addition to the stipulated application forms and the following documents:

                             a)         Photocopies of your passport pages showing the bio-data page and signature of the passport holder; and

                             b)         Local sponsor's Singapore NRIC.

                             Note: Local sponsor could be an individual Singapore Citizen/PR aged 21 years of age and above or a Singapore-registered company.

4          Upon receipt of the application forms and the supporting documents, we will process the application accordingly and will notify the Local Sponsor of the outcome by post subsequently.

So, ICA asked you to apply your visa through a local sponsor who will be the guarantor. You may find out someone (citizen or PR) whom you know here who can apply your visa application. Good luck

Thank you for your replay Sir
in the next e mail I asked ICA, can i apply directly work visa or spass
they replay to me

        You are not advised to submit a Work Pass application without having an approved Visit Pass application. Your prospective employer may wish to submit a Visit Pass application as your local sponsor to ICA for conisderation first.

but sir now i don't have local sponsor to do that
now I don't understand what to do
please provide your contact details sir I will explain to you very clearly
Thank you for your reply and support sir

ICA is clearly saying that you need to apply your visa through local sponsor. If you don’t have local sponsors then try your job search elsewhere. Secondly, there is no guarantee that if a local sponsor applies, your visit visa will be approved.

You should avoid coming here for a year or so.

if I apply my visa with local sponsors, what is the best reason to mention in the application
because I already worked 6 years in Singapore,  now I'm coming for searching for new job in Singapore,
please guide me sir, now iam help less
please understand my situation and help me sir

You were here for 6 years and you have no idea on applying the visa!

Whether you apply under local sponsor or individually through an agent, the process remains same.

You need to mention your reason for traveling (don’t mention that you are coming here for searching jobs - they will dump your application), accommodation details, return ticket (should be within 29 days).

Better start reading our existing threads, these information we have said many times already.

I have already informed you that there is no guarantee that under local sponsor your visa will be approved. But it seems you are desperate to come here.

The average visitor to Singapore stays 3.5 days. If you apply for a substantially longer period, you need to give a good explanation - and it CANNOT be looking for a job!
Alternatively, you may apply for jobs from abroad and only visit to attend interviews - if you can show an invitation by a Singapore employer, it is o.k. to apply for a visa.

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