Single permit application while professional card is in process.

Hello All,
I am currently on a work permit, which expires in Mid of March. I had applied for a professional card at the end of November hoping that I will receive my professional card before my work permit expires. However, I haven't heard back from the professional card authorities.

So, my question is can I ask my company to apply for a single permit while professional card application is in progress? Also, if anyone has applied for a single permit, how long did it take?

Thanks in advance for the reply.

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I'd say it's better ask your company to apply for a single work permit.
Those are two parallels processes.
You need a valid residence permit on your hands while you are waiting  a professional card to be issued.

Once you got you prof card you have to apply for new ID card anyway to change the status from `employee` to `self-employed`.


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