Problem on visa transfer

Hi im in baharain last 8months in one company now i get new job offer letter this matter said my old employer he said no chance to changing company because you not complete atleast  12 month working in this company. After conversation i request to him i pay some amount please give me permission to changing company he said ok, but when you get new visa after that i give your pass port with cancellation visa. So i paid 280 BD. Now im join new company but my old employer not giving my passport and not cancelled my visa he saying im complete in police station you run out of company.
Now what can do sir please help me

That is exactly why you should never pay anything nor make a deal without legal advice

Read this :

For passport, you need to go to the police. The visa cancellation and runaway case is a different matter. You already started working somewhere else while being on the visa of old employer so on the face of it, the runaway complaint is genuine in the eyes of the law.  I hope you have proof of resignation as otherwise, its a problem.  This is a complicated case and I would advise you to get a lawyer immediately. I recommend Khalid Khan.

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