Rejected Entry to Singapore

Hi, I have questions regarding appeal letter to enter Singapore.

My friend who is Malaysian was rejected to enter Singapore twice (in 2018 and 2020). The first time rejected, he did not pursue the matter and let it go, until recent 2020 he went to Singapore and got rejected again. He used to go Singapore to visit his mom and aunt, who is working there. His aunt is now a Singaporean.
After the 1st rejection he never visit Singapore again, until recently, He went to Singapore to celebrate Chinese New Year with his mom and aunt. But got rejected again.

He went to Singapore embassy in Malaysia, and was told to write a letter to ICA. He had sent an email to ICA explaining his reason of visiting and asking the reason and what he should do to lift up the banned but until now there has been no reply from them.

What should he do now?

Thank you so much!

Reply the same mail which he had send last time. You didn’t tell why got rejected? There must be very strong reason why he got banned twice to enter Singapore.

Ask his mom to visit ICA office and discuss with officer to know why he got banned and when can he visit to Singapore.

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