Post License working gap problem...

hi everyone, im new here and currently having problem with my application abroad.

first of all, im RN in profession and currently working as staff nurse in hospital. im applying for a staff nurse post in abroad but its getting difficult for me to get hired due to my years of working gap.
I have started working as staff nurse in hospital last 2017 but I got my license year 2012. From 2012 to 2016 I never get the chance to work as a nurse in hospital due to no vacancies for nurses in any hospital. My problem is that I have 5 years working gap from when I got my license up to when I started working as staff nurse. They said that im gonna have a problem when it comes to dataflow verification. they said it only accepts 6 months maximum of Post License working gap.

can anyone help and enlighten me with my problem. Thank you so much in advance

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