What are the cheapest online Store for Jewerly?

Hi, Can anyone suggest me the online store that will give me a best and lowest price of products. Specially in Jewerly. I have checked Amazon and Ali baba and Ali express but after including shipping charges the price became more expensive.

Try eBay or Mudah. Amazon are always expensive for jewellery and Ali Baba often have high shipping costs.

Obviously the price becomes more expensive after including shipping charges. You could buy from sellers who offer free shipping, but all that means is that they have built the postage costs into the price of the item and then pretend that they do not charge for shipping. To get the best idea you need to see the total price of the item plus the shipping cost.

Some of the cheapest silver jewellery comes from India where there is an abundance of inexpensive precious and semi-precious stones, although you should not expect high grade rubies or emeralds. Also, the quality of the jewellery is not all that good.

If you are in the KL area then there are a couple of wholesale stores at the back of Jalan Petaling who import from Thailand. They have wholesale prices and retail prices. And in Jalan Petaling itself there are stores selling Nepalese and Tibetan jewellery, some of the stores are selling authentic items and you will need to bargain hard in order to get a good price.

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