House swap? A month in Paris offered for a month in Japan this summer.

I've been studying Japanese for about 4 years.  Im still at a very basic level, but think that four weeks of full immersion will work wonders on it!   So I'm looking to find a nice appartment or house with at least one bedroom, a separate living room, plus bathroom/kitchen, quiet, and with convenient transport for about a month starting in mid-July 2020.
In exchange, I can propose a very nice one-bedroom appartment in the middle of Paris (in the Marais next to Bastille)...quiet, convenient, nicely furnished, easy to cook in as well!
There's pretty much all you could ask for in the appartment itself, and it is very clean.
I havent decided where I'd like to be in Japan;  but I think I can probably adjust myself according to what is available for main purpose is to learn the language.
However, if it is somewhere interesting culturally that would be better since Ill come with my partner, and so it'll help if there's also cultural and natural things to visit!

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