visit family visa there anyone here who can help me on how to acquire our visit family visa. i mean how do i start the process. my husband is an ofw and we are planning to take a vacation there at al khobar instead of him going to the philippines so we can explore the beauty of saudi arabia

If you husband is on Iqama he can fill out this application form

After submission give print to his employer for Chamber of Commerce. Visa will be issued in 1 2 working days

If your husband employment contract is accompanied Family Status, he can approach his company HR/GRO to process your KSA family visit visa.

Ensure your marriage contract is already authenticated (apostilled) by Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and attested by Saudi Embassy in the Philippines.

What exactly the work or job of your husband in Al-Khobar?

You may find updated complete details of applying for family visit visa in below link. … -in-saudi/

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