Preparation for the MPU

Hey, a friend of mine who's living in Germany really likes driving faster than allowed and now he got his 8th "Punkt" that he loses his driving license. He has to pass the MPU ( - Anyone knows a good method how to prepare additionally to the course?
Thank you!

There is no need to prepare for such a course. One just has to take it and learn what they teach. The attitude sounds like how does one trick their way through. And this is exactly the wrong attitude.  Attitude is the problem to begin with! It doesn't take an exceptional skill or knowledge to obey obvious traffic laws. The only solution is to start following the speed limits or get their driving privileges take away. And rightly so, speeding endangers more than just the person doing it. And with around half of the German Autobahn having no speed limits, there is enough opportunity for someone to drive fast without breaking the law. Your friend should grow a pair and start following the law or take the consequences before they kill or injure someone.

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