Registering a car in Europe.

we are Planning on Retiring in a few years , selling our home and then traveling in Europe staying at various countries month to month rentals.
That way we can find a place where we would want to settle down if there is a place in Europe that would want to settle
Our plan is to rent an apartments monthly and Buy a car and then have the registration sent to the address that We are staying at. Has anyone tried this. Are there country swear that would be easier than others in Europe? That’s where we would start our journey

Good luck.  Your plan is the same as mine, if I can convince my wife.

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You may want to look at leasing. A couple of years ago, I think either Peugeot or Renault were offering leasing option for  expats or you may want to check Auto Europe ( a US company which  I use for all my rentals in Europe) for long term auto rentals. The issue is that if you buy a car in one country , you may have problem registering the car in another country even so they are part of EU. Also, I am assuming that both you and your wife are citizen of one of the EU countries otherwise your extent of your visit is limited to 90 days. Good luck

Please clarify the 90 day stay issue. You seem to be saying that the total number of days one can remain in ANY country in the EU is 90 days. In other words, it is NOT possible to stay in Bulgaria for 90 days, and then travel to Italy and remain there for 90 days.

One of the  agreement between EU countries was signed in Schengen , Luxembourg,which came to be know as the Schengen visa  or rule. Based on this , a non citizen of the EU is allowed to travel to any of the countries of the Schengen area to a total stay of up to 90 days within a period of 180 days for tourist or business purposes. As a US citizen , the visa is basically provided when they stamp your passport upon  entering one of the EU countries.

I think there are 26 countries in this agreement and . basically, you can travel across any of these countries for a period of 90 days. Then , leave for 90 day prior to returning. I am not sure about the rule of the non Schengen but I would think they would follow the rule.

If I was you, I would do a bit more research.

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