Having my new baby here in Brazil, How is the documentation process ?

Thanks everyone for always support. I am going to be a father very soon. Myself and my wife has Brazilian RNM documents and we want to have out baby here. Please let me know the documents process and complexity and any forum or post to follow.

I need to understand below points -

1. Birth Certificate ( if it valid in my home country or do I need have any apostile)
2. CPF
3. RG
4. Passport
5. VISA for my home country

How much time it's required for each one and if it is in order or should I work parallel to have those documents,

I am not sure if I understand, help me.
Is you wife Brazilian?
By saying you and your wife have documents for CRNM, are you saying you and wife want to apply for a CRNM?
Where were you married?
If neither is Brazilian, you are going to have a difficult time getting a visa being with child. The PF handles CRMN which can only be done in Brazil and takes a long time.
More facts are needed.

TexanBrazil, we both are indian and married in India and I’m working in Brazil. We have RNM ( earlier it was named as RNE) as a valid document for foreigner.
We married in India itself. Hope now you have more clarity. Pls help with information above I am looking for.

Thanks for replying and help.

Does your RNE have an expiration date?
Have obtained it via a sponsor for work, it is temporary and business is responsible. I had one when I went to our office in Rio and was told by PF to watch my days in Brazil and being out of Brazil. (actually company HR dept. watched it). If via work it is actually the business's responsibility to oversee it. They went through the process for you and was approved for the business.
When I retired the temporary expired and I went through the complete process again on my own.
I will defer to others as to being non-Brazilians. Your company may be the best help. If you are working for a business and having a child in Brazil, the baby would be a BR citizen.

As Texanbrazil says, your child will be a Brazilian citizen at birth and will not need a visa.  Since you and your wife are both in Brazil legally, your CRNMs, your CPFs, and your passports should be enough to register your child here.  Your CRNMs show your parents' names, which is what birth certificates are usually requested for.  The advice to talk to your company is good. 

Have you and your wife selected a maternity hospital yet?  Many have cartórios onsite to register newborns, and others have cartórios nearby that are generally used.  Those cartórios can tell you exactly the documentation required.

With respect to your fourth item, Brazil won't require an Indian visa; you'll need to determine with the nearest Indian Consulate what you'll need to do to safeguard your child's right to Indian citizenship.

Great points. Never thought of protecting their home country's citizenship for a child.

You already have the documents required.

There is a bill introduced last year at the Indian parliament of allowing dual citizenship for Indians living abroad. So your child would be a Brazilian by birth and later also an Indian through that bill introduced last July 2019 if approved. There´s approximately 15.6 million Indians living overseas so the success of the bill being approved is great. My congratulations and good luck!


Thanks everyone for providing valuable comments and suggestions, here what I have understood till now.
1. I am taking pre-natal with a doctor who suggested Santa Joana hospital to do delivery of baby.
2. The hospital itself has cartório which provide the Birth certificate with CPF.
3. After that I need to apply for RG, which usually take 5-7 working days after applying it, for this need to be present with child and both parents.
4. Then once I have RG, I can apply to passport of baby and also start parallel my permanent residency (Family reunion VISA). I do not have certain time period certain for each of this process still. I am trying to understand the how much time it will take to get passport of baby and my new residency card.
5. Once I receive passport I will get the Indian VISA (called OCI, Overseas Citizen Of India).

If any suggestion, or I am missing let me know. Hope the same will apply for all nationality except the point 5.

As an Indian my child can only have Brazilian passport and OCI as still India doesn't support dual nationality.

Those sound like the right documents, in the proper order.

Timing for the baby's passport and your and your wife's CRNMs is highly variable, depending on the level of demand for each document at the responsible Federal Police office.   The passport may be ready in three to four weeks:  I wouldn't expect less, and it could be more.

Most reports on CRNMs seem to indicate that wait times are getting longer.   While it could be faster, I'd expect to wait three to six months for the cards to be returned from Brasília.   That's if your applications are accepted at all:  since you and your wife already have CRNMs thanks to your work visa, the Federal Police may tell you to apply for replacements as you near the expiration date of your current ones.

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