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Hi Sir,
         Am Soby C S and currently am in Kerala India. This message is actually for my friend. He got a job offer from Oppelix Flour Mills Ltd., 98 Churchill Drive, Crofton Down Wellington 6035, New Zealand. They done their interview process through mail. As they provided some questions through mail and he replied through mail itself and he got selected for the job. They told us that they will provide all the immigration assistance for him like work visa.

Sir, I need to know whether this offer letter is real or not.
Kindly gave an assistance to him Sir.
Because we don't have a source to help him sir....

Welcome to the forum.

Oppelix is a flour mill in Wellington.
I did some online checking for this. They have a website

They are an old well established company. If your friend is unsure of the offer he can contact them online for confirmation. There is a phone number there too.

Open the website and click on 'contact us' and email them.

They have to provide a immigration assistance. If they ask for money to pay for this assistance then it is a scam.

Scammers often use a real company name to make themselves look real, so that makes the above post very good advice.

The basic rule is, NEVER send money -- If they ask, it's a scam

There is a scam using this company name. It's a 419 job scam with what seems to have a legitimate site (set up last month) but they ask for documents and cash.
There's a fair chance any documents will be sold on, and the cash used for whatever, thus leaving you poorer, and a potential identity theft victim.

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