Error on my Yellow Slip (passport number)

Hi Everyone,

On my Yellow Slip there is an error - wrong passport number (which is visible on the 'Application Form Reception Document' that comes with Yellow Slip). I suspect this error doesn't let me register for GESY (that's how I noticed it).

I am planning to visit Limassol Immigration Center to ask them to fix it. I tried to ring them countless times but they never answer the phone.

Can anyone advise whether I need to make an appointment for that (and how), or shall I just turn up at Limassol Immigration Center in person to get it fixed?

Did anyone have similar problem?

I would appreciate your help! 


I spoke to someone recently who had an error on their yellow slip in the Paphos district and all the immigration dept did was to  make a manual amendment to the yellow slip-they crossed out the wrong information and hand wrote the true information....

i would suggest you go to the GESY registration and just take your yellow slip (assuming you have that or if not received yet just wait until you do have it) I cant  remember taking my passport or whether they asked for it... i dont think they did..  the receipt for the yellow slip is not required and the yellow slip does not quote the passport number anyway  (which, if it did,  would mean that for the yellow slip to be valid you would have to change it every time you renew your passport)  you only ever get ONE yellow slip & they will never re-issue it even if you lose it or change address etc


Thanks Toon for you prompt reply and pointing me in the right direction!

You're right that passport number has nothing to do with GESY. I went to Citizen Service Center and they said that there is no need to correct my passport number on that attachment to my Yellow Slip as the government apparently since November 2019 isn't using passport numbers for GESY identification (and other) purposes.

While I was in the Citizen Center, I also double checked that all other personal details they hold about me on the system are correct and they were all good. Knowing that, I tried to do the GESY registration online.

It turned out that the reason I could not previously register with GESY was the problem with wording on their form - fields on the form asked for 'First Name' and 'Last Name' which I entered correctly but they weren't accepted. However when in the 'First Name' field I entered both my first name and middle name, the registration came through!

It was very simple thing but it took a while to figure out, so I'm glad it's finally solved :) 

Thanks again for your help!

Pleased you got it sorted

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